The Texas Tiny Mascot

I encountered this happy fellow at Enchanted Rock State Park near Fredericksburg, which is in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas.  Enchanted Rock is an inselberg (island mountain), an exposed pink granite batholith about 70 miles across and 1000 feet high, and is the second largest rock mountain in the country. A batholith is a giant mass of magma that intruded into the earth's crust but did not erupt. Erosion exposed this barren looking rock and the mile-long climb is daunting. However, just at the base one meets this cheery looking fellow who just helps you on and up, carved by some fellow hiker from the past.  I took this picture about a decade ago and he has lived on my fridge. Not only does he lift my spirits, he personifies what I hope Texas Tiny will be - a company known for selling unique handcrafted 1:12 scale collectable miniatures and kits with a heavy accent on Texas connections and whimsy.